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Keshav Creations, by all means, adhere to respect your privacy and protect your personal information. Our only purpose of collecting your address or personal info is for smooth delivery of orders. We ensure that your private information is secure with us and that we do not share it with a third party.

Moreover, if we ask for your postal address, phone number or payment information, it is only a standard way of communication for a stress-free delivery of your order.

  • Terms and conditions

Right of ownership

Keshav Creations owns all the rights of this website, including the contents. Any use of this website or its contents for commercial or non-commercial purpose is prohibited. No one is allowed to modify, reuse or re-post any content without Keshav Creation’s permission.

Content accuracy

We at Keshav Creations provide relevant content related to our products. Detailed information on each product is available for our customers. Although, the color of the product can be a little different, as we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on your monitor will match the product 100% when it’s delivered.

Account security

We ensure that our website is virus free and won’t cause any damage to your smartphone or computer. Moreover, it is your responsibility to keep your password and account details confidential. If you suspect that a third party is using your account you can contact us immediately. Keshav Creations won’t be liable to any personal losses if you fail to protect your password.